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Glasgow based? Painting from a WBD photograph

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Custom WBD Photographs


The best way to get the wow factor in a WBD painting is to start with a photo that offers a bit of drama with lighting and bucketloads of detail around the eye and nose areas.

We are based just north of Glasgow and if you are in striking distance, as part of the painting package we are happy to take some reference photos of your dog. This can be done with us or we can even come to you (for a small petrol charge).

Talk to us about best options and what will work best to ensure we deliver a painting you will adore!

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Once we’ve received your deposit and given you an idea of timescale, work can begin!

Talk to us about best options and what will work best to ensure we deliver a painting you will adore!


Initial Selection

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You will be emailed one or more images for approval prior to the painting commencing.


Final Approval


Once you are happy with the final painting, the balance payment is due.
Once this is paid the painting can be collected or delivered to you (small petrol charge within Glasgow area or postal charges at cost if you are further away) .

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Not Glasgow based – painting from your own photo

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If you are not located in or near Glasgow but love our paintings we can still chat about a painting. While we love to shake our models by the paw and see a little of their personality, it is possible to paint from your own images.

It is vital for a painting that we have good quality images with clear eyes and noses in particular. Drop us a message and we can arrange to chat about what you would like.

There may be occasions where we don’t feel able to make this work – please don’t be offended (the last thing we want is you to be disappointed with your investment).

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