My name is Inca

... I'm

If it wasn’t for me
you wouldn’t be here now.

Here's why...

My mum’s spent half her life not really knowing what she wants to be when she grows up.

After several enjoyable, successful decades working in television, digital media and marketing she has now finally learned what makes her truly happy.

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She trained originally as a graphic designer and has never lost sight of her creative roots.

I came into (and completely changed) her life and inevitably she decided to paint me. And so this all began.

We’re both hooked already on seeing the delight as beloved WBD furbaby paintings are unveiled and really hope you’ll decide to be part of our journey.

STUFF SHE tells me she’s GOOD AT

So, apparently “we” are in business now (no-one warned me about this you know) and I’m a doggy artist’s assistant. We are excited to meet you all!
Graphic Design
Pencils, pixels, paint and paper
Apparently she has an eye for colour and can crop stuff correctly. Sounds sore.
She's snap happy!
The best WBD paintings come from dramatically lit, detailed photos
Eyes and noses!
Yup - it's back to the quality of those photos
No seriously - these are the deal breakers with paintings that make your heart sing!
I'm good at this one too!
It's a vicious rumour what they say about choccie labs! 'Biscuit' did you say?
We’d love to work with you to capture the spirit of your dog (or cat.. or guinea pig if you’d like!) on canvas.
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